Grating Terminology

Grating Terminology

Electroforged Grating

A steel grid formed from load bearing bars and cross bars through resistance welding.


Load Bearing Bar

Flat Bars which is the Load carrying member.


Cross Bars

Cross Bars which is across the load bars and holds the load bars in centers.


Plain load bearing bar

Flat load bearing bar with plain top surface.


Serrated load bearing bar

Flat load bearing bar with serrated top surface.



The Center to centre distance between load bearing bars or cross bars.


Binding bar

Flat bar welded to shaped panels at each end and at cut outs.


Grating gross area

Total area of gratings including cut-out areas.


Grating net area

Total area of gratings excluding cut-out areas.


Cut – out

Area of grating cut out for pipes and columns to pass through.


Straight shaping

Cut-out with straight edges.


Curved shaping

Cut-out with curved edges.


Stair tread

A grating with end plates and non-slip nosing for use in stairways.


End Plates

Plates welded to each end of a stairtread to permit fixing to steelwork.


Anti-Slip nosings

Special anti slip bar welded to stairtreads or gratings to prevent slipping.