FRP Vertical Ladders

FRP Vertical Ladders

We offer FRP Ladders made from Pultruded Profiles to suit all for every aggressive corrosive application. The Ladders come with and without cage with anti-slip rung profile make them suitable for usage. Our FRP Ladders are safe, durable, low-maintenance, and corrosion-resistant. It comes in a standard color safety yellow or grey.

Resins Available

  • ⦁  Isophthalic Resin
  • ⦁  Vinyl Ester Resin

Glass fibre types

  • ⦁  Continuous unidirectional fibers


  • ⦁ Excellent Resistance to Impact and Fatigue
  • ⦁ Light Weight
  • ⦁ Chemical resistance
  • ⦁ Maintenance Free
  • ⦁ Fire Retardant
  • ⦁ Non-Conductive
  • ⦁ Easy Installation


Airport, Sewage Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants, Independent Power Projects, Oil & Gas Sector, Food & Beverages, Chemical Plants, Textile Industries, Paper Industries, Marine, Ship Building, Dry Docks, Railways, etc.,