FRP / GRP Pultruded Profiles

FRP Profiles

Technical characteristics of Pultruded Profiles

Corrosion resistance: pultruded profiles normally use isophthalic resin, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion. FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) pultruded stabilise the resin against UV and add a corrosion-resistant barrier to the external surface. This barrier increases the volume of resin on the surface and avoids fibre blooming.

Examples of applications: all the small support systems normally made using traditional carpentry: platforms, walkways, landings, small supports, stands for chemical apparatus and instruments, insulating partitions, etc.

Light weight and insulation: a support using, pultruded profiles weighs about three times less than its equivalent in steel with the same rigidity. This leads to savings in transportation, handling and assembly and reduces costs for components that require frequent maintenance. Non-magnetic and non-conductive, pultruded profiles offer excellent electrical and thermal insulation. Fibreglass nuts and bolts: threaded nuts and bolts in fibreglass-reinforced epoxy resin offer excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance.