Electro Forged Steel Gratings

Electro Forged Steel Gratings

Electro forged Steel Gratings are also called as Open Mesh Steel Gratings or Bar Gratings widely used in Trenches, Access Platforms, Stair Treads, Conveyor walkways, Mezzanine floors, Canopies, Facades, Industrial floorings, covering of Shafts, Foot Scraper and much more areas. Electro forged Steel Gratings (EFG) are manufactured in accordance with BS 4592 -1 (British Standard) and ANSI / NAAMM MBG531-00 (American National Standard). We use raw materials in accordance with BS EN 10025 Grade S275 JR or ASTM A 36 (from ASTM A 1011M). Hot Dip Galvanizing as per standards BE EN ISO 1461:2009 or ASTM A123.

Industries wise Applications:

1. Oil & Gas (Offshore & Onshore)

2. Petrochemical

3. Mining

4. Power and Desalination

5. Waste-water Treatment Plants

6. Airports,

7. Storage & Warehousing

8. Ship Building and Repair works

9. Pharmaceutical Industries

10. Cement & Sugar Industries

11. Infra Structure Projects

12. Material Handling Systems

Load Bar Depth  25mm - 80 mm
Load Bar Thickness  3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm
Load Bar Type  Plain or Serrated
Cross Bar Size   Twisted Square Bar 6mm, 8mm & 10mm
Pitch / Mesh   24x100 mm, 30x50mm, 41x100mm, 41x50mm, 34x100 mm, 34x38mm, 33x100 mm, 33x38 mm, 30.16x101.6 mm (19W4), 30.16x50.8 mm (19W2), 22x50 mm, 44x100 mm, 44x50 mm
Finish  Self Color / Painted / Hot Dip Galvanized

Standard Grating Panels

Ferrotech can supply EFG type Gratings in Standard panels available in 1 m x 7.315m with finish Self Colour or Hot Dip Galvanised. We maintain a huge stock of Standard Gratings panels ready for immediate shipments available in Plain or serrated surface.

Fabricated Tailor Made Rectangular Grating Panels

Ferrotech can offer Gratings which can be fabricated and customized to suit your requirements from Small Trenches to a large Complex Structures with Cut-outs and Toe Plates to obtain a Safe Access. Customized Gratings can be cut from standard grating panels and shaped to fit to specific floor area ready for Installation. Our In-house Engineering Team equipped with latest CAD software can assist in customizing the gratings according to your requirements. Ferrotech follows latest standards and specification under National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM) Or BS 4592 and precisely fabricate the shaped gratings. Our Shaped gratings in various size shall have the advantage of same strength and durability.

Fabricated Tailor Made Annular Grating Panels

Annular Gratings are also Fabricated Type Grating Panels having an inner as well as outer radius. These types of grating panels are mostly used in the walkways around tanks. Our design team has vast experience in handling projects which involves very complex layout of circular grating panels. Annular Gratings are manufactured in accordance with BS 4592 -1 (British Standard) and ANSI / NAAMM MBG531-00 (American National Standard).