Airport Structures


Protecting aircraft can be an expensive and challenging venture, but Ferrotech has taken the worry out of that process. Our highly skilled commercial building specialists can help you create a modern airport design using some of best quality airport buildings and hangars in the industr One of the greatest benefits of Ferrotech airport designs is the 100% clear span. Arch style buildings do not require the use of beams or trusses to support the weight of the structure like a straight wall building would. The arch is self supporting, which leaves plenty of space to store several aircraft and more room to build other areas for storage and maintenance. Ferrotech airport buildings are also easily customizable. Our prefabricated aircraft hangars are available in widths ranging from 10′ to 150′ and in virtually any length. We offer several different models and accessories that can transform a simple airport design to one specifically for your business. Our talented team of commercial engineers has designed airport buildings for companies and localities around the world. It’s easy to meet a specific deadline when you construct a metal hangar from Ferrotech. All of our buildings are predrilled and prepunched at our factory once you’ve submitted your order. This makes the airport construction much easier and quicker for crews on your job site. Our buildings only require the use of one size bolt and one size nut to construct.  The ease of construction reduces labor costs associated with building a commercial airport and the time it takes to erect. You will also save money for years with a Ferrotech airport hangar. Our buildings are made with high quality, commercial grade steel that has the ability to resist damage from extreme weather events. This significantly reduces maintenance costs while you own the building. Every arch also comes with a special Galvalume Plus coating which protects it from the harmful rays of the sun and prevents it from rusting over time. Each steel panel is corrugated, adding even more strength to the entire structure. On top of that, we back every building with a trusted 40-year warranty.